Sale ends April 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST


Sale ends April 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST

Students, Staff & Residents—$45

Sale ends April 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST

2023 Speakers

Dr. Celin Arce
Perio-Pros Integration in the Digital Era
During this course a comprehensive review of current protocols and techniques required to perform a proper diagnosis and treatment plan will be described. Problem solving options and limitations that are common during the treatment of our patients will be presented. This course will also highlight contemporary digital armamentarium available for the interdisciplinary team in order to optimize results.

Dr. Davis Thomas
Sleep Related Bruxism
Sleep related bruxism (SRB) is one of the most misconstrued, poorly understood, and misdiagnosed entity in dentistry. For the longest time, SRB was considered to be a “habit”. It is currently classified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a “Sleep Related Movement Disorder”. The diagnosis of SRB could be confirmed by polysomnography (overnight sleep study) and not merely by patient report, or oral findings of dental attrition. The dental clinician must understand that the severity of bruxism is poorly correlated with pain. Considerable loss of dentist time occurs as a consequence of SRB, in terms of restorations and/or tooth fracture, debonding of composites or possibly even failure of implants. This short presentation is intended to make the clinician understand the basic principles of diagnosis and possible short and long term management of SRB.

Dr. Sompop Bencharit
In office 3D printing applications for implant guided surgery
Advances in implant guided surgery have evolved from the development of intraoral scanning, cone beam computed tomography, dental implant computer-aided treatment planning, and most recently in-office stereolithography or 3D printing. These advancements allow clinicians to fabricate accurate surgical guides economically in their office. The introduction of in-office 3D printers has popularized implant guided surgery into daily routine implant surgeries. This presentation discusses the advantages and the limitations of this technology as well as the accuracy and precision of in-office fabricated implant guides.

Dr. Valerie McMillan
Educational Opportunities using Digital Dentures
Dr. McMillan shares her experience using digital dentures especially as it relates to education. She shares how making digital dentures opens up new ways to teach vital skills to students and practicing dentists. Never before have we been able to systematically demonstrate how lip support, occlusal plane, and incisal edge position interact to affect esthetics, phonetics, and function. This presentation covers the changes in denture making that digital techniques demand, how digital techniques can be used to teach, and tips for selecting demonstration patients. This presentation is not only useful for those in formal education but doctors in private practice who want fresh ideas for study club activities.

John McMillan
The Human Technician – Details Behind Creating Dental Prostheses
In this presentation John McMillan will present the details that the human touch contributes to prosthodontics. While digital techniques are required to fabricate most prostheses today he shows how dental technicians are vital in hand shaping, coloring, and finishing beyond any machine’s ability. He reviews how a prosthesis begins taking shape whether from wax or a digital library and how the human touch can modify each step. He demonstrates how studying nature is the key when hand finishing restorations. For the dentist this presentation is a unique look over the shoulder of a human technician.

Dr. Wei-Shao Lin
Restoring Edentulous Patients with Contemporary Technologies and Dental Implants
The treatment of complete and/or single arch edentulism remains a significant priority for dental clinicians. Patients also have emphasized immediate load or restorations with dental implants and often request complex full-arch treatments with shorter treatment times and fewer appointments. This presentation will begin with a review of diagnosis and treatment planning for edentulous patients. This topic will be followed by a discussion of proper case selection, loading protocols, team approach, and prosthetic procedures that play a role in complex therapies. In concert with these topics, new materials, technologies, and prosthetic treatment modalities will be presented that allows the clinicians to gain an understanding of recent advances in dental implant componentry. At last, the potential complications and management of these complications of the implant prostheses will be reviewed and discussed.

Resident Speakers

Jeff Chen, DMD
Patient Centered and Clinical Outcomes of Implant-supported restorations
Jeffrey Chen hails from the heart of Illinois, Peoria. He graduated dental school from Southern Illinois University in 2018. Completed an AEGD at Southern Illinois University in 2019. Worked as a private practice dentist for a year before entering The Ohio State’s Prosthodontic program in 2020.

Christian Loo, DMD
Evaluation of Wear in Milled and Printed Polymer-infiltrated Ceramic-Network
Dr. Christian Loo is from Montreal, Canada, and is currently a senior at The Ohio State University Advanced Prosthodontics residency program. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from McGill University and went on to receive a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Connecticut.

Ariana Rodriguez, DDS
Anodization and titanium ion leakage
Dr. Ariana Rodriguez is from Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2020. She enjoys running, hiking and spending time with her family.

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