Past Presidents

Back row, left to right; Drs. Ernest D. Svensson,’95, Dale L. Cipra,’97, J.C. Hickey,’82, Arturo J. Mendez,’02, Frank E. Pulskamp,’94, Manny Chopra,’00, John L. Shannon,’83, Howard J. Charlebois,’87, C. Vito Caponigro,’99, Edwin V. Kluth,’91, Robert E. McKinstry,’98. Front row, left to right; Drs. John T. Kennard,’01, Charles W. Ellinger,’76, Frank E. Pulskamp,’94, Barbara A. Churchill,’04, John W. Payne,’03, John E. Boyles,’05, Myron R. Porter,’79, C. Gordon Monteith,’85 




Past presidents of the Carl O. Boucher Prosthodontic Conference:

Drs. Alexander L. Martone 1967 (Chairman 1966)
Judson C. Hickey 1969
Davis Henderson 1970
Alan D. Fee 1971
Ralph H. Cunningham 1972
Milton H. Brown 1973
Allan A. Brewer 1974
William R. Laney 1975
Charles W. Ellinger 1976
Theodore E. Logan 1977
Charles D. Krouse 1978
Myron R. Porter 1979
James W. Davis 1980
James E. Ryan 1981
James C. Hickey 1982
John L. Shannon 1983
H.D. Deane Jr. 1984
C. Gordon Monteith 1985
W. Brock Love 1986
Howard J. Charlebois 1987
Paul Pressler 1988
Donald J. Mauthe 1989
William A. Welker 1990
Edwin V. Kluth 1991
Douglas V. Chaytor 1992
David P. Donatelli 1993
Frank E. Pulskamp 1994
Ernest D. Svensson 1995
Robert A. Strohaver 1996
Dale L. Cipra 1997
Robert E. McKinstry 1998
C. Vito Caponigro 1999
Manny Chopra 2000
John T. Kennard 2001
Arturo J. Mendez 2002
John W. Payne 2003
Barbara A. Churchhill 2004
John E. Boyles 2005
Michel G. Venot 2006
J. Gregory Wall 2007
Wayne Campagni 2008
Alejandro Peregrina 2009
Duane A. Burks 2010
Edwin McGlumphy 2011
Marco Padiila 2012
Julie Holloway 2013
Robert Faulkner 2014
Stephen Rosensteil 2015
Soraya Villarroel 2016
Roland Pagniano 2017
Jim Soltys 2018
Lisa Knobloch 2019
Damian Lee 2020


All Dentists, Prosthodontists, and Allied Health Professionals are welcome to join the Carl O. Boucher Conference.


The Carl O. Boucher Prosthodontic Conference was established to provide continuing education in the art, science and practice of prosthodontics.


April 19, 2024
April 25, 2025
April 17, 2026